Playa del FOMO

Seats up to 80 Beach Lovers (up to 110+ mingle-setup)

What is life in Norway without a REAL Paradise Getaway together with fantastic colleagues, exotic food and chill atmosphere? 🏝️

Playa Del FOMO

2 x 55″ Presentation Screens • Speakers & Sound System
Setup: 80 seated • Between 100-110 mingle-setup

Throwing a summer party (even in the middle of winter)? – ✈️ Book a trip to our magic destination – Playa del FOMO.
This room is a bundle of joy & energy. It’s a real Paradise getaway. Between excotic plants and bamboo there are seats for 80 beach lovers and an iconic Volkswagen Beach Bar where Kawika is ready to serve tempting bites and drinks from around the world.